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Homecoming 2022 is in the Books

Jacksonville College Celebrates Homecoming 2022

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word relationship as “the state of being connected.” “Relationships” would absolutely be the “unofficial” theme of the Jacksonville College Homecoming for 2022, which was celebrated the weekend of February 11th and 12th.

The festivities began with lunch in the campus cafeteria on Friday. which included visiting with alumni and current students. Later that evening, things continued with more fellowship, fun and amazing food (courtesy of Joan and Craig Salsbury). Entertainment was provided by former choir members from the classes of ‘74-’76 -- with some “younger folk” from the ‘80s and ‘90s joining in.

The weekend continued Saturday with breakfast being served to the alumni by the men’s basketball team. Their smiles, impeccable manners, and greetings of “good morning” started everyone’s day off right. Coach Truscott is doing an excellent job with these young men.

Saturday’s gathering in the chapel was a “family reunion” with so many more joining that morning, including the “JBC Traveling Sisterhood.” This is a fantastic group of ladies who are the very definition of “relationship”, several of whom knew each other in high school while living in Lamesa, TX. The rest of the ladies met while attending our beloved JBC and are from the classes of ‘66-’69. The ladies formed strong friendships that extended after their time at Jacksonville College, raising their children together and staying connected. They began taking annual trips in 2013, hence the name “The Traveling Sisterhood”. The Sisterhood is made up of members Beth (Emmons) Green, Beverly (Alexandra) Capel, Brenda (Vaughn) Hornaday, Debbie (Meadows) Jackson, Dianne (Gunnels) Watkins, Elaine Jordan, Esther (Edge) Salisbury, Joan Hopson, Rosa (Mingus) Gordon, Sheila (Ivins) Prestridge, Nell (Stanley) McCuistion, Kathy (Hall) Nunn, Sandy (Singleton) Brown, Cheryl (Driskill) Bass, and Sheryl (Middleton) Schroeder. Several of these sisters have gone on to glory but are most definitely not forgotten.

One of those who has passed on is Sheryl (Middleton/Kinney) Schroeder, whose son, Brandon Kinney, made a “special appearance” in honor of his mom and the Sisterhood. Brandon (class of ’94), sent a video in which he spoke about his mom and the special relationships he made while at Jacksonville College -- relationships that continue to this day. Brandon is a singer/songwriter living in Nashville, TN and co-wrote the song “Bye Mom” in honor of his mother Sheryl. Since Brandon could not attend homecoming in person the “official video” featuring Brandon and his family was played. To say there was not a dry eye in the chapel would be an understatement.

The celebration continued by awarding Chris McCurry “Coming Home Royalty” and Tim Evans “Distinguished Alumni” for their faithful support of the alumni and to Jacksonville College. They truly embody the spirit of Jacksonville College by “exalting Christ” everywhere they go.

After attending their respective chapter lunches for more food and fellowship, attendees reconvened for the basketball game that evening. The weekend can only be described as “a celebration of relationships” -- some by birth or marriage, many by “sisterhood/brotherhood” in Christ. For most of us it began with our time at our beloved JBC and continues to this day in friendships that are truly a gift from God.

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